Red Line Oil

Professional Assembly Lube by Red Line Oil


Red Line Assembly Lube is designed to be used as a lubricant to apply to potential wear surfaces before assembly in order to prevent metal contact upon startup before adequate lubrication is supplied. This product will mix with the oil and not plug filters, and can be used on all lubricated parts such as cams, followers, pistons, bearings, and bolt threads. Use only a small amount on bearing and piston surfaces - too much can make it difficult to turn over the engine. Do not use on exhaust bolts or other high temperature bolts which require an anti-seize. These fluids are offered in a variety of packaging for convenience in different work environments


  • Sold As 4 oz
  • Color Red
  • Timken OK Load 100 Plus pounds
  • Rust Test D1743 Pass
  • Rust Test 100 percent
  • Relative Humidity Pass - Two years - No Rust
  • Copper Corrosion
  • 3 Hrs at 100 degree C 1B

Used by many of the best engine builders, engineers, and technicians in Formula 1, GP2, Formula 3, NASCAR, NHRA, and WRC
Prepares potential wear surface and prevents metal contact before adequate lubrication can be supplied
Unlike other assembly lubes, Red Line's will not plug filters after initial engine start-up
Applications: Assembly Lube - 4 oz, for use on camshafts, lifters, pushrods, piston skirts, main and rod bearings, and bolt threads, excellent rust and corrosion inhibitor, allows for long-term storage

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