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Long Block Description:

Oil Pan to Valve Cover

The DSR 1150 long block takes Gen III 426 HEMI performance to the next level achieving 1150 horsepower and 974 Lb-Ft of torque on 93 octane pump gas. 

This All-American engine utilizes premium aftermarket components and is blueprinted to ensure the highest quality and reliability.


    • 1150 Horsepower (HP)
    • 974 lbs.-Ft. Torque (TQ) 
    • 10:1 Compression Ratio


    • New “BGE” Production Cast Iron with High Nickel Content
    • 4.100 in. Bore
    • Cross Bolted with Four-Bolt Mains


    • Compstar Forged 4340 Steel Crankshaft w/4.050 in. Stroke
    • Callies Ultra H Forged Steel H-Beam Connecting Rods
    • Gibtec Forged Aluminum 2618 Alloy Pistons
    • Internal Balanced
    • Internally Balanced Harmonic Damper


    • Production T356 Aluminum Hellcat HEMI
    • 2.14 in. Intake w/ Hollow Stem
    • 1.65 in. Exhaust w/ Sodium Filled Stem
    • Production Lightweight Valve Covers
    • Performance Trend Pushrods


      • DSR Custom Grind Billet Steel Hydraulic Roller


      • Production Hellcat 7.5 Quart Front Sump Aluminum Pan

      *Rear Sump Moroso Style Available for A/B/E Body Mopars


        • OEM and Holley Electronics Kit
        • OEM PCM

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          EPA NOTICE:

          DSR Performance (“DSR”) Crate Engines are designed and intended for installation in “Ancient” or “Competition” or ”Racing” Vehicles. Ancient Vehicles are those manufactured in Model Year 1974 or earlier, pre-dating CARB or EPA regulation. Competition or Racing Vehicles are those operated exclusively in events organized by widely recognized public organization with authorizing permits for participating competitors. Competition or Racing Vehicles may only be operated in racing events, trials to qualify for racing events, and practice associated with racing events. Installation and operation of any crate engine in a street driven or licensed Vehicle not described above is likely to be considered an illegal “Defeat Device” or “Tampering”  and not legal for use on public highways.Model Year 1975 or later Competition or Racing Vehicles may not carry a street legal registration or license. Crate Engines and Accessories are illegal to operate in any Model Year 1975 or later vehicle on any public highway, including public paved or unpaved roadways, or in a public park.Buyer/User acknowledges and accepts that DSR provided clear instruction that the Crate Engine and Accessories are limited to Ancient, Competition, or Racing applications. Buyer/User acknowledges that EPA and CARB may deem the party (retailer/install/owner/operator) who uses or purposes DSR 1150 and Accessories in an unapproved manner as the Manufacturer; even the owner/operator may be considered the Manufacturer and causing a violation of EPA and CARB requirements. Violations may be subject to a maximum penalty of $37,500 per California violation per vehicle and U.S. Federal penalties of up to $45,000, revocation of registration by DMV, loss of use on public right of ways, and proof of correction of the tampering. Canadian penalties may also apply.DSR will store this your response for five years and may be compelled to produce the information below in response to a regulatory agency inquiry, subpoena, or request for information.