DSR Performance

Flywheel Adapter Kit- 8HP90


This kit caters to restomod builds requiring the flywheel adapter kit necessary for the engine and 8HP90 automatic transmission.


  • PLATE, Torque Converter Drive
  • PLATE, Flexplate or Flywheel Backing
  • BOLT, Hex Head Lock, M10X1.00X18.00, Mounting, Torque Converter Drive Plate To Crankshaft
  • STUD, Double Ended
  • BOLT AND WASHER, Hex Head, M10x1.50x45.00
  • COVER, Transmission Dust
  • BOLT AND CONED WASHER, Hex head, M6X1.00X20.00
  • BOLT AND WASHER, Hex Head, M10x1.50x45.00
  • BOLT, M8X1.25X23.00
  • STUD, Double Ended, Starter Mounting
  • SHIELD, Starter

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