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HP Tuners MPVI3 Diagnostic Tool


Built for enthusiasts and professionals - introducing the MPVI3 by HP Tuners, the fastest and most sophisticated OBDII interface tool to date. 

Whats New With MPVI3?

  • Standard with Pro Feature Set
  • 2X Storage (from 4GB to 8GB)
  • Faster Standalone Data Logging
  • High-Resolution Accelerometer

Experience our latest generation OBDII interface tool with even more speed and control, while continuing the premier features of its predecessor, like Bluetooth 5.0, an MB motorsports-grade screw-on connector,
USB-C connectivity (4MB/s), and RGB LEDs.

Why MPVI3?

  1. Tune all the toys in your garage or shop. Tune your tow rig, your weekend racecar, your side by side, your daily driver, and any other HP Tuners-supported vehicle with a single MPVI3 device
    - courtesy of our credit-based licensing system.
  2. All eyes on your data. Connect your MPVIS device to VCM Suite, combining the forces of VCM Scanner and VCM Editor, to view all your most important diagnostic and performance data with customizable charts, graphics, tables, gauges, and more
  3. Pro is the new standard. Take advantage of all the Pro Feature Set benefits now standard with MPV3, like standalone data logging with twice the storage at 8GB.
  4. Faster Data Logging than ever before. Just when you thought it couldn't be faster, we beat our own record. Experience even faster data logging with MPVI3.
  5. The HP Tuners' Ecosystem. Tuhe HP Tuners' calibration and motorsports experience starts with MPV3. Connect your device to VCM Suite for diagnostics and calibration, TrackAddict and Race Render to capture your track days, PROLINK to seamlessly integrate additional sensors, and more.



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